i say sorry a lot so sorry for that in advance

im writing a formal(ish) list about why school sucks guys, tell me what you think of it so far

  1. one can’t quantify intelligence, and one can especially not quantify it with a multiple choice test. one could potentially pass such tests by pure chance (or luck, or fate - whatever you believe in, it still doesn’t translate to that individual’s intelligence).
  2. one could pass a class by simply doing the bare minimum to complete assignments and memorizing and regurgitating specific facts for the traditional written assessments given in classrooms.
  3. one can understand everything, but fail to complete their assignments. this would lead to them failing the class, being told that they didn’t learn anything, and being shamed for being stupid and a failure.
    1. completing assignments has to deal more with motivation to succeed in classes and time management skills than academic achievement.
    2. if one does not meet the specified requirements for a project, they could certainly have put an acceptable amount of time and effort into their work, but still receive a failing grade. even if one achieves something that could be respected in the academic world, they could be told that they did it wrong, and receive absolutely no credit for it in the class.
  4. nobody can excel in all subjects. forcing students to take classes that look in-depth at concepts they struggle at is, most of the time, fruitless, and runs the risk of ruining their self-confidence.
    1. not everyone will use their education during their employed life. although it is important for everyone to have some education, knowing snippets of specific information from a variety of fields is not necessary for someone working a minimum wage job.
  5. one does not learn all of the life skills they need to be a successful individual in school.
    1. a required driver’s education course could save many lives.
    2. a required cooking or other house-related course could save many from having to rely on fast food and other restaurants for food.
    3. a lot of people do not know how to manage taxes, accounting, and money management. this is essential to becoming a prospering citizen.
  1. vulnona said: hmmm you guys don’t have a cooking course, or money management? That’s pretty sucky. We have like a “life skills” class that you cook in and a “single survival” that literally teaches you how to budget your life after hs. but i agree with all that
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